Ever thought how would you explain Quantum mechanics to a baby?
Here is your opportunity to do exactly that. Take a topic which requires rigorous scientific knowledge and make a poster out of it which breaks it down to a level that even a 5 year old can understand it!

1st Prize: Rs. 2000
2nd Prize: Rs. 1000


  1. Participation in solo or pair. Each participant can make only one poster.
  2. The posters can have graphics as well as text on them.
  3. We will provide the mounting boards and pins.
  4. Maximum size of the poster can be 120 cm by 120 cm.
  5. The participants are required to submit a soft copy of the posters after registering.



We welcome all the schools in and around Bhopal to attend the fifth edition of the annual Science Festival of IISER Bhopal. We will be having a dedicated time slots where the students from different schools can compete in the unique Singularity events.

Date: Saturday, 6th October 2018
Time: 9 am to 2 pm

School Renaissance (refer to the event description of Renaissance for more details) 
School Quiz (Science heavy general quiz)
Avant-garde (Model making competition)

All are team events with a team of maximum 3 members.Read the guidelines below on how to register.

For the students

All the events, talks and workshops are open for all, including school students and the students can register for these on their own by following the links given in the descriptions.

The inter-school events listed above are open only to school students. To participate in these kindly contact your Schools and ask them to resister with us.

For the schools

The Schools who want to participate in the inter-school events are requested to prepare a list of students participating in the events and mail the list to singularity@iiserb.ac.in before 3rd of October.

Refer to our contact page if you have any queries and to get details on how to reach at IISER-B.



Robohand workshop, organised by TechieNest Pvt Ltd on October 6 and 7, as a part of Singularity’18, is your chance to get a sneak peak, hands-on into the ever-advancing world of technology! This two-day workshop deals with the automation of a robot. The workshop will cover basics of embedded sytems, robotics and Arduino interface at an introductory level, followed by development of a robotic hand structure controlled by your computer, capable of performing simple tasks.
– Duration: 2 sessions, 4 hours per session.
– Team of 5 members. 
(PS: If you’re having trouble finding a team, we’re here for you! Register for the event individually, and we’ll team you up with other lone wolves after all registrations are done.)
– Fee : Rs 600/- per person
The equipment kits for workshop will be provided by TechieNest. The participants will be required to bring along their laptops (at least one per group).
The participants will receive a Certificate from TechieNest in association with Aavriti’19 IIT Bombay, after completion of the workshop.
Last date to register for the workshop : 1st October, 2018
Spot registrations are not available.
You can find a short description of the workshop in the document attached.




You need to make payment before registration. One of the team members need to pay the fees (Rs 3000) for the entire team. ( or, Rs 600 for solo registrations).

Transfer the fees to the following bank account and then fill the registration form.

A/c number: 20309549962
Beneficiary Name: Akarsh Ralhan
Bank: State Bank of India, IISER Campus
IFSC Code: SBIN0011765
Tez number: 9424600656



This event includes the solving one problem related to science every day during the Singularity Week. There will be total 5 problem/question to display (One problem on each day). The Question can be related to any of the science stream like-Bio, Math, Phy, Chm etc. All the Questions will be posted here. You can only answer the latest question by clicking the “Answer Now” button

1st Prize: Rs. 1000.

Question of Tuesday

Warlord Carbone has six mercenaries working for him. The opposing warlord has six as well. There are three simultaneous skirmishes. In each skirmish, the warlord who sends the most mercenaries wins. The warlord who wins the most skirmishes is successful in establishing his dominance.

What’s Carbone’s best strategy?

Deadline to Submit answer: Wednesday 10:00 am.

Question of Wednesday

While working in a lab you have obtained two fragments of DNA, one 800 bp long and one 300 bp long by digesting a plasmid with Hind-III.
Each of these fragments has one EcoR1 digestion site and you suspect that a protein coding sequence is nested between these sites (In the 1.1kbp fragment formed by combining the two). So, you mix these fragments in excess of DNA ligase. 
Then, after some time an aliquot is removed and run on Gel.
1] What pattern would you obtain? 
You again remove an aliquot after 8 hours and run it in a Gel.
2] Would you obtain the same pattern as before? If not then what would you obtain?
Deadline to Submit answer: Thursday 10:00 am.

Question of Thursday

Countries A and B have a workforce of 100 million each. Collectively, A can produce 2 million cars  or 100 million tons of food in a year, or any combination of the two commodities in between. B can produce 6 million cars or 60 million tons of food in a year, or any combination of the two commodities in between. Thus, A can trade food in return for cars from B as the other country produces more cars. If A can produce 8 million cars or 100 million tons of food, or any combination of the two in between while the statistics for B remain the same, is it still beneficial for A to trade with B? Why?

Deadline to Submit answer: Friday 10:00 am.

Question on Friday

Imagine that the gravitational potential was modified from U(r) = −k/r to U(r) = −k e^( −r/a)/ r where k = GmM and is a constant with units of length. In our world (a = ∞ ⇒ U = −k/r), the closest and furthest points that the Earth gets to the Sun are Rclose = 1.4 × 10^11 m and Rfar = 1.6 × 10^11 m.1 Now consider the modified potential with large compared to Rfar and Rclose, say = 1.5 × 10^15 m. If the Earth has the same energy and angular momentum, what are the closest and furthest points of its orbit? Give your answer to four significant figures.

Deadline to Submit answer: Saturday 10:00 am.

Question of saturday

A spy, on a super secret mission to assassinate a double agent decides to use Sodium Nitrite to induce methemogloinema. 
She bribes the bartender of that agent’s favourite pub to spike his drinks.
The rogue agent weighs 90 KG and usually has no more than 3 beers.
How much Sodium Nitrite does the bartender need to dissolve in each pint of beer given that the purity is 80% and the lethal dose is 71 mg/kg.
Deadline to submit answer: Sunday 10:00 am.



Explore the beauty of Mathematical equation. Let out your creative soul on the piece of graph paper and make doodles using lines and curves out of equations.

Have a look at the following site for some inspiration:

1st Prize: Rs. 1000

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein


  1. You can make any random doodle you like, with any number of equations you want. Your doodles should be original (We will check!).
  2. You can use any graphing software of your choice.
  3. All the entries should be mailed to singularity@iiserb.ac.in with subject “graphitti”. Include your name in the mail.
  4. The final submission should be a screenshot of your drawn graph together with either the set of equations in a text file or a link to the graph if you used an online grapher.

Deadline for sending entries:  4th October 2018



Petri and Picasso are not new words to the masses yet both put together sound really weird.

They never met but we make them meet every year at IISERB’s Singularity.

This time too, without fail, Singularity’18 brings to you one of its highly participated event “PetriDish Picasso”- A painting competition for all the artistic (and not-so artistic) enthusiasts.

The Catch?

LB Agar plate will be your canvas, and bacteria your colours!

Exciting prizes up for grabs!

Best painting: Rs. 2000
Jackpot prize: Rs. 2000


Rule 1: This is a solo event and each contestant will be given approx. 5 min for art work (which is more than sufficient :P ). The art work will be judged upon its neatness and elegance.
Rule 2: Only one LB Agar plate will be provided to each participant.
Rule 3: Demonstration will be given just before the event starts where all precautions and Lab safety instructions will be explained.
Rule 4: No spot registrations allowed.


5 themes. You can choose any ‘one’ you like and paint on the plate provided to you.

1] Nature
2] Logo/Doodle
3] Science
4] Fiction (TV Series/Movies/Anime etc.)
5] You choose ;)

To know more about the themes, register in PdP !

Jackpot – Portrait of Picasso –

Not everyone is good at painting, let alone painting with bacteria. But if you think you are, here is a challenge just for you.
For those who think that all this is too easy, take this Jackpot round directly.
Paint the given portrait of the legendary Pablo Picasso himself. The Best Portrait wins the Jackpot!



PixelPor is the artistic depiction of science. In this event one may capture a photo explaining scientific phenomenon or law. So use your camera to win thrilling prizes.
You can either submit a photograph or a short video.  We have seperate prizes for both.
Theme : Scientific Phenomenon 
The photos will be uploaded by us on our social platforms.
Entry Submission Deadline : October 4th,2018 (before 11.59pm)
Submission Email ID : singularity@iiserb.ac.in
The best pictures and videos will be displayed during the fest.

Best Picture: Rs. 1500
Best Short Video: Rs. 1500


Rule 1: Include watermark on the photo. 
Rule 2: Relevant description to be submitted with the entry, however the entries should be self explanatory. 
Rule 3: Photos from labs will not be entertained (culture,instrument.etc).
Rule 4: The short video should not exceed 10 seconds in length. It can be slo-mo, hyperlapse or a normal speed video.
Rule 5: Include your name and roll number along with the mail (with PixelPor entry as the subject) sent to singularity@iiserb.ac.in.



Over the years, the Singularity Quiz has become something to look forward to, within the community. Much like the latest season of the series you love, or to exaggerate further, perhaps even a Nolan movie/Dan Brown novel. This year the mantle of the QM for The Singularity Quiz will be donned by Dr. Vardharajan and Dr. Prahald. The intensity in competition though, is likely to remain unchanged (if not increase!). So, if you’re quizzing intuition suggests an answer, which you are unsure about, take that chance. That can perhaps be the difference between you watching the finals from audience and not doing so.
We have audience prizes too!

1st Prize: Rs. 5000
2nd Prize: Rs. 3000
3rd Prize: Rs. 2000


Rule 1: It’ll be a Science & Technology heavy general quiz.
Rule 2: Teams of max. 3 members.
Rule 3: Prelims followed by a final with the top 6 teams.
Rule 4: Other rules and formats will be mentioned by the QM as the quiz progresses.

Walk in on the day of Quiz to Register yourself.



Tired of events that promise to act like a fountain of youth for your gray matter? Or searching for something more than just a game of semantics to satiate the appetite?

 We bring to you a fun escape from the self induced games. The Domino Effect which aims at starting a chain reaction of toppling items knocking down each other in a cascade.

 Gratify the Brainiac in you!

1st Prize: Rs. 4000
2nd Prize: Rs. 2000


1. Task: Teams participating in The Domino Effect have to make a crazy Rube
Goldberg machine that sets up a chain of events and finally – A dart (could be
anything- pen, pencil, marker) has to hit a dart board made up of either cardboard
or a simple paper.
2. The minimum horizontal distance of the dart board should be atleast 90cm from
the point from where the dart has been shooted.
3. The dart board has to be 25cm in diameter with concentric circles at 5, 10, 15 and
4. Each team can have at most 6 members.
5. The design should be original. Participants can draw inspiration but the machine
must not be a combination from other sources.
6. The machine should have a minimum of 8 steps.
7. The machine must lie within an area of 5m X 2m.
8. The more the scientific ideas implemented, the more you score.
9. The best contraption will be judged on the basis of the level of complexity, the
number of items used, running time of the machine and the score on the dart
10. Use of any institute’s property without permission is prohibited also participants should not use anything that may harm the institute’s property (fire, library books etc). Use of fire or any inflammable substance is strictly prohibited. 



Ever thought how cats are aliens? Whether Irma is actually a bunch of sharks swimming in one direction waiting to become a sharknado? Or if the actual cause of earthquakes is multiple people around the globe twerking?

 Well if you have, then you’re in luck cause you’re in the right place then. Inspired by The BAH Fest of MIT, we bring to you the meanest beast of all. The Bad Ad-hoc Hypothesis, also affectionately know as BAH (Yes, we know. It’s the same sound a goat makes).

 Here’s where you’ll need to be an astute con man, working your way around science, confusing a panel of scientists and proving their science wrong. And Always, ALWAYS remember, “In a mad world, only the insane are sane”.

 Being wrong has never felt so right.

Last date to register: 3rd October 2018

1st Prize: Rs. 3000
2nd Prize: Rs. 2000
3rd Prize: Rs. 1000


Rule 1: This is an individual event.

Rule 2: Present and defend an incorrect scientific theory with crazy arguments and data in front of an audience and jury.

Rule 3: Submit your PPTs in advance along with an abstract for a small screening process. E-mail it to aks0312@iiserb.ac.in with “BAH” in the subject line.

Rule 4: Time limit: 5 minutes ( Presentation) + 2 minutes (Question and answer session)

Check out the following links to get an idea about the event:



Inspired by SharkTank – the entrepreneurial contest of global repute. Showcase your inner entrepreneur and pitch your ideas to the “Sharks” – a panel of active researches with substantial industrial experience: the best, (but also the toughest) jury you could have asked for.

The idea you propose can be from any field of science – it could be a better way to slice bread, the next big anti-cancer drug, a new business model, or even a startup to change the world as we know it.

Participate as a team of up to three , and give your best shot at this battle of creativity, communication and courage.

As the audience, bid for your favorite idea as teams of three: if it wins, there’s a chunk of the prize money in it for you as well!

1st Prize: Rs. 5000
2nd Prize: Rs. 3000
3rd Prize: Rs. 2000



  1. All participants will be first screened by the Shark Tank team based on their initial submission. No spot registration is allowed for this event.
  2. Participants who fail to send their presentations/model before the deadline shall be automatically disqualified.
  3. Language of presentation will be only English.
  4. The submissions must not include content subject to copyright violations.
  5. Penalties will be levied for violation of the following: a. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification b. Copyright violation will lead to disqualification c. Lack of proper citation and references will lead to penalty of marks d. Use of inappropriate language will lead to penalty of marks.
  6. No political/provocative/derogatory comments directed at anybody/any organisation will be entertained. Immediate disqualification shall follow.


  1. Only first 30 bidders to enter Event Venue will be allowed to bid on the participants’ ideas.
  2. Bidders can take part as individuals or in groups of maximum 3 members.
  3. Other bidding rules will be told on the day of the event.



“It is the brain, the little grey cells, on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within – not without.”

Looking Glass is a fun event where individuals try to solve as many puzzles as they can, as quickly as they can. Puzzles come in various forms and flavours, ranging from standard crossword and sudoku puzzles you see in newspapers to decoding messages hidden inside pictures or interactive computer programs. Usually you are given some information to start, but how to use that information may not always be immediately obvious, and you must deduce how to proceed until ultimately a solution is reached.

Join us to go Through the Looking Glass ,and enter a world of pure logic.

There is the natural liar…Always says the thing that sounds best. “The simplest explanation is always the most likely.”

1st Prize: Rs. 3000
2nd Prize: Rs. 2000
3rd Prize: Rs. 1000


  1. This is a solo participation event
  2. There will be 3 rounds, with elimination at the end of each round.



Join the leagues of Einstein, Bohr, Curie and Lorentz as you battle it out with your colleagues in the ultimate scientific showdown – the Model Solvay Conference, for the first time in Singularity ‘18. For all you day-dreamers out there, with a knack for science, this event is for you. We invite all the theorists to battle their wits out in the setting of a Solvay Conference, where you will need to  come up with your very own theory to explain a hypothetical phenomenon. And that’s not all. You will also have to defend your theory in front of quite a few other competing theories, and bring out loopholes in those theories, all on the spot. A winning theory emerges, and everyone else backs out, or joins in.

Registration Deadline: 2nd October 2018 (11:59 pm)

1st Prize, Conference A: Rs. 5000
1st Prize, Conference B: Rs. 5000
2nd Prize, Conference A: Rs. 3000
2nd Prize, Conference B: Rs. 3000

Prelims Rules

Rule 1: This is a team event, with teams of 2 or 3.
Rule 2: 
We will have an online screening round prior to Singularity. Only the top 10 or so teams will be qualified to attend the Conference, spanning two days. The screening problems will be released very soon.
Rule 3: The screening problem will be of a similar nature, requiring you to use your scientific and logical skills. You can find two problems (A and B) below, out of which you can attempt only one. The discipline of your main question will depend upon which one you choose here.
Rule 4: 
Each team (of 2 or 3) should send the answers to the prelims to the following email ID in PDF format: solvaycon.singularity@gmail.com. Clearly mention in the Subject line which question you are attempting.

Participants will qualify atmost one of the prelims. Find the links to the questions below. Last date to send in answers is 2nd October 2018 (11:59 pm).

Conference Rules

Rule 1: No violence, ground rule!!
Rule 2: The problem to be discussed on the day of the Conference will be given on 3rd October. It will be an open problem, various solutions to which will be discussed in the Conference.
Rule 3: The 1st meet will be a sitting of the entire selected body, where every team will present the gist of their theory in 5 – 10 minutes.
Rule 4: In the 2nd meet, we will have all the teams presenting their entire theory in detail in front of a panel of judges and jury. Here we will have cross-questioning by other teams as well as the panel. You get points for defending yourself as well as breaking down some other theory, scientifically.



This event will judge your coding and mathematical skills where you would solve questions using code. You will have to think out of the box to find the better algorithms to achieve victory.

Last date to Register: 2nd October

1st Prize: Rs. 5000
2nd Prize: Rs. 3000
3rd Prize: Rs. 2000


Rule 1: Prelim round questions will be sent online
Rule 2: Correct and early submissions will make it to the finals
Rule 3: Maximum of 3 people per team
Rule 4: 10-15 teams will be selected for the finals


Rule 1: The finals will take place at the computer center, where only one computer per team will be allotted.
Rule 2: Code will be judged on the algorithm as well as the correctness
Rule 3: Early and correct submissions will win.



Welcome to 2018 edition of Singularity-the annual science fest of IISER Bhopal presents to you “Blood Work”. Blood work is a theme based pursuit, where a cavalry of Intelligentsia collaborate together to find the answer to an inevitable case. We promise you an invigorating and adventurous quest, a fun-filled game of discovery and strategy. Register your group and participate in the online preliminary round.

Last date to register: 1st October 2018

1st Prize: Rs. 5000
2nd Prize: Rs. 3000
3rd Prize: Rs. 2000


Rule 1: Register with a team of 4-5 extraordinary kickass members.
Rule 2: There will be a preliminary round before the finals. The question for the preliminary round will be sent to the participants via mail. Submission of the prelims answers to be done within the stipulated time (will be announced later) and in a PDF format.
Rule 3: In the case of a situation of a tie, two criteria will be taken into consideration in order,
3.1 The bonus questions (*marked) which carry extra weight.
3.2 The time of submission. Earlier you submit, more are your chances to qualify for the prelims.
Rule 4: The top 10 teams qualify for the finale.
Rule 5: In the final, teams have to follow the clues and reach to the ultimate goal. Rules in detail will be conveyed to the selected teams through email and before the start of the event.
Rule 6: The decisions of the organizers will be final and binding.



Tired of studying Science just from books? Then what you need is a “Renaissance” in your life! Renaissance aims to bring out the scientist in you. Teams are given a list of tasks that they need to successfully perform to earn points and in the end, the team with maximum points is declared the winner. So, rack up your brains and get ready to feel science like never before!

1st Prize: Rs. 7000
2nd Prize: Rs. 5000
3rd Prize: Rs. 3000


Rule 1: A team of  3 students is allowed.
Rule 2: The tasks involve topics from Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and have to be performed using only the objects and materials provided on spot.
Rule 3: The list of tasks is provided only after the event begins.
Rule 4: There are two rounds – a preliminary round and a final round.
Rule 5: Time limit is 1 hour. for prelims and 2.5 hours for the final.
Rule 6: Teams are awarded points for a task based on how simply and accurately they perform the task.